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Wheel Alignment in Encinitas, CA

Avoid the Cost of Ignoring a Wheel Alignment

ca-autohaus-536You detect a slight pull of your vehicle to the right, even though you have set the steering wheel for straightforward motion. This classic sign signals the need for you to visit California Autohaus for a wheel alignment check.

Perfectly aligned vehicle wheels enhance handling and performance, by placing less wear and tear on the braking and suspension systems. Improperly aligned wheels decrease your vehicle’s fuel economy from increased friction, as well as potentially create serious safety issues.

Wheel Alignments Performed by Expert Technicians

California Autohaus invests in state-of-the-art alignment equipment that can detect the slightest variance in alignment tolerances on all four wheels. A minor problem can morph into a huge vehicle maintenance problem if signs of a correctable issue go ignored.

Our accurate wheel alignment process takes little time out of your day for long-lasting assurance of a surefooted vehicle with better fuel economy. At California Autohaus we encourage our customers to bring their vehicles in for a wheel alignment whenever they purchase a new set of tires. Improperly aligned wheels will cause uneven wear and alter the condition of new tires in less than a year.

The California Autohaus Advantage

  • Proudly operating in Encinitas since 2005
  • Advanced diagnostic systems to efficiently detect issues
  • Huge inventory of parts to prevent ordering delays
  • Leadership and skill of Master Technicians
  • Friendly staff keeping you informed at every turn
  • Pride in exceptional customer service
  • Positive online reviews and customer testimonials
  • One of the highest-rated shops in San Diego County
For long-lasting Land Rover repairs throughout San Diego County, visit California Autohaus in Encinitas. Discover why our business ranks at the top of the auto repair class in Southern California.


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