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Radiator Replacement in Encinitas, CA

Radiator Replacements Keep Vehicle Engines Cool

If you have taken your car for a spin across the desert, you’ve probably noticed the temperature needle moving slowly towards the hot end of the gauge. Your high- performance radiator prevented the car from overheating. As with any other automotive component, radiators eventually fail to deliver the coolant that keeps your engine temperature under control.

When this time comes, consider a radiator replacement at California Autohaus in Encinitas, CA. We have proudly earned our reputation for providing quality radiator replacement service for customers traveling from as far as 30 miles away.

Certified Technicians Performing Lasting Radiator Replacements

Your vehicle’s cooling system uses coolant to remove heat from the engine and dispels that heat into the surrounding air. This is done by circulating hot engine coolant through the radiator, where it is air-cooled before being recirculated back into the engine. Whenever the cooling system fails to dissipate the heat, your engine becomes susceptible to overheating.

At California Autohaus, we understand the radiator is not always to blame for an overheat condition. Instead of a radiator replacement, your vehicle might need only minor maintenance to keep the temperature under control. We will thoroughly diagnose every cooling system issue, from a faulty cooling fan to recommending a complete radiator replacement.


The California Autohaus Advantage

  • Proudly operating in Encinitas since 2005
  • Advanced diagnostic systems to efficiently detect issues
  • Huge inventory of parts to prevent ordering delays
  • Leadership and skill of Master Technicians
  • Friendly staff keeping you informed at every turn
  • Pride in exceptional customer service
  • Positive online reviews and customer testimonials
  • One of the highest-rated shops in San Diego County
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