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Air Suspension Repair

Highly Skilled Air Suspension Repair Specialists

range-rover-front-air-strut-assemblyYou never want to have any vehicle maintenance issues that slow you down during a busy day. This is why California Autohaus keeps you moving along at your normal daily clip, by providing superior air suspension repair services.

Rather than leaving your car overnight at another auto repair business, bring your vehicle into our shop for immediate air suspension repair work. We understand the urgency of fixing air suspension problems. More importantly, California Autohaus has recruited the most skilled air suspension repair technicians in the Encinitas, CA area.

What is Air Suspension?

Air suspension is a method of vehicle suspension that an electric air compressor operates. Compressors pump air into highly flexible bellows manufactured from textile-strengthened rubber. The consistent air pressure causes the bellows to inflate, which pulls the chassis away from the axle.

Installed in place of conventional steel springs, air suspension works especially well for vehicles that perform heavy-duty jobs, such as towing. Moreover, air suspension provides a level, consistent ride for passengers making daily commutes. Also, when needed, it facilitates capabilities such as vehicle height adjustment for getting under garage doors with low clearance or over obstacles when off-roading.

Common Air Suspension Repair Problems

Several factors lead to air suspension repair issues. Compressor failure because of a leaking air spring is one scenario, typically brought about by rust, moisture or old age. Contamination from desiccant used to remove moisture within the system, which can clog internals, is another common malfunction. An airbag may experience a rupture, while line failure can prevent air from moving between the air strut and the rest of the air suspension system. Any of these factors requires the assistance of a California Autohaus air suspension repair specialist.

The California Autohaus Advantage

  • Proudly operating in Encinitas since 2005
  • Advanced diagnostic systems to efficiently detect issues
  • Huge inventory of parts to prevent ordering delays
  • Leadership and skill of Master Technicians
  • Friendly staff keeping you informed at every turn
  • Pride in exceptional customer service
  • Positive online reviews and customer testimonials
  • One of the highest-rated shops in San Diego County
For long-lasting Land Rover repairs throughout San Diego County, visit California Autohaus in Encinitas. Discover why our business ranks at the top of the auto repair class in Southern California.


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